US Pro “Neeb” becomes first foreigner to win the finals of KeSPA Cup



Korean eSports is a huge industry. Starcraft plays a massive role in the gaming industry based of Korea. They have dominated the big tournaments in Korea. The biggest of such tournaments is the KeSPA cup. Its an annual cup and is the pinnacle of StarCraft tournaments in the region.

Since 2011, there has been no non-Korean player in the semi finals. This year, after a gap of 5 years an American player managed to not only reach the finals but also win the finals 4-0.


The KeSPA cup is an annual international tournament that pits the best players in the world, with the 2016 event taking place between September 27th and October 3rd.

In the interview after the final, Neeb explained he didn’t prepare much, but that he felt his strengths against the Korean’s was down to his ability to play the game, rather than just kill which feels is the general strategy in the region. He finished by saying he could beat any Korean at the upcoming Blizzcon event.


Final Placements at KeSPA 2016 :

  1. Neeb – $18100
  2. Trap – $9050
  3. Stats & TY ( 3rd and 4th position)