USSR vs EoU.

USSR vs EoU.

Today we look into USSR vs EoU as part of a D!ngIT $2000 weekly cup. This is a Best of Three event that will begin at 5:30pm the 22nd of December 2015.

USSR have been preforming extremely well recently with winning all of their last five games leaving them with an 100% win rate over the last five games with wins over teams such as Piter , Epiphany , nEophyte and Enso.

EoU defintiely haven’t played as well as USSR with only winning two games out of the last five games giving them a 40% win rate.

Rosters Include;
– sany
– reatz
– morelz
– Pejnozord
– mono

– mrtn
– Pod
– spotlight
– z4pper

My prediction is 78% for USSR because of their five win streak.

Calvin Hynes.