Uzi: One of the most under-rated players

A look at Royal Never Give Up’s AD Carry, Uzi

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Known for his mechanical outplays on AD Carry, Uzi has made quite a name for himself in the Chinese scene. While he has found success in his own region, Uzi has tended to fall in the international scene. His peak was in 2013, where along with his team, Royal Club, he was able to compete in the 2013 LoL World Championships. They were the tournament favourites of the time, until SKT completely ‘wowed’ the crowd in their first showing out of Korea. While the lost in Korea, they vowed to come back next year, and so they did. Once again in 2014, they entered the 2014 LoL World Championship once again, only losing to yet another Korean team, Samsung.

The next two years following the tragic loss in 2014 worlds, he joined OMG > Qiao Gu Reapers then Newbee. Out of Royal Club, he failed to find success with his others team, unable to even quality for the 2015 worlds event. 2016 saw Uzi return to Royal, but he failed to regain his form, once again failing to quality for the 2016 World event.

In 2017, Uzi and his team dominated the Chinese scene, strongly qualifying for Worlds. Royal managed to top their groups in the group stage (5-1), taking a road to the quarterfinals and smashing Fnatic 3-1. However, to their dismay, they were forced to compete against SK Telecom T1, the 3 time world champions. To the surprise of many, they were able to strongly contest the Korean, bringing them to game 5, even managing a 2-1 lead at some points. Unfortunately, Royal ended up losing to SKT 3-2, a tragic end for the home ground favourites.