V1lat rants about overwork for Russian casters

Russian casters are almost forced to work for several hours on end due to lack of number of casters. Even the best casters such as V1lat are made to work for 15 hours on end at the Kiev Major. This definitely has put a big dent in the quality of work that has been put forth by the casters. In this tweet, V1lat mentions how he will come up with a solution to increase the number of casters, reduce the workload on existing casters and make the overall experience much better for the spectators and everyone concerned.


I really don’t understand why people don’t get my indignation at the fact that casters work for 15 hours a day. That’s not OK.

And the problem in not in ourselves. We are being paid good money and we are ready to work 16 h/day even for a week straight. The problem is not in this.

Why not invite to CIS major more casters? I mean, it’s not expensive. Invite Nexus, Mael, Adekvat, CrystalMay, Baffik and allay the pressure on everyone.

I personnaly work at FULL POWER two full bo3 series a day. Casting third is hard. Fourth one is PHYSICALLY HARD to cast at top-level.

Vocal cords are getting tired, eyes are simply watering, awareness is not the same as at the beginning of the day. This is farce and nonsense.

At the top-level events like Majors or TIs casters and analysts should be able to work at their full strength and show their full potential. Give us the working conditions to be able to do so.

For now, every group stages is some kind of maraphon, where the goal is to survive, not to give the viewers the best we can. Volvo fix pls.

After the major I’ll write a blog about how to make the format and broadcasting perfect. It’s not difficult and will increase the cost not more than by 10%.

I don’t want to cast while being tired, because I will make a lot of mistakes and won’t be able to produce the energy me and all my viewers are used to.

TLDR: Russian casters work for 15 hours a day at group stages of valve events, that leads to a decrease in casting quality. All mostly because Valve doesn’t invite enough casters to their events.