Vainglory World Championships 2016 in Hollywood

As the hype around Vainglory continues we will now see a world champion crowned from December 2-4 in Hollywood. 12 teams will fight to the bragging rights and prize money.

As reported on the official Vainglory site,

This inaugural annual event will serve as the culmination of the competitive year in Vainglory, with champions representing every Vainglory server region gathering from all around the globe. This new tournament will be run by Twitch and Super Evil Megacorp. Never before has so much talent been in one place, and we’ll finally definitively determine the single best team on Earth.

The 12 competing teams will receive automatic berths based on the most important regional tournaments during the past esports year. In addition, one wildcard team will be selected based on exceptional past performance.

Stay tuned for more updates and coverage.