Valde and Heroic part ways

After being benched for the last few months, Valde has left Heroic

Valde has announced through social media he is now, officially a free agent and looking for a team. This follows being benched for the past 2 months, where he was taken off Heroic’s starting roster due to poor performance. Valde had only remained on the Heroic roster for less than a year, his decision to leave approaches the one year contract ending, likely to have been what both parties agreed on last year.

It is uncertain is Valde will be picked up anytime soon, as no team has shown an interest in roster change. This is due to the timing, where roster changes are extremely unlikely, and any new deals, would likely see Valde join a newer or lower tier team compared to Heroic. While he did place top 4 at the DreamHack Austin, Leipzig and IEM MASTERS XI, his current state has yet to be confirmed.