Valve Release Statement Regarding Firing 2GD

Valve has released a statement on Reddit stating that James was given a second chance, but they regretted hiring him again, and that the current production team is being replaced for the main event.

The statement was posted on Reddit, less than 24 hours after James “2GD” Harding was fired.

Valve Statement Shanghai Major

After technical issues on the first two days, viewers are thankful that the production company responsible will be replaced for the main event.

reddit reaction valve statement on james

However this means that there is currently no panel or analysts before games, since there is no production company to film it.

In regards to James’ firing, his behaviour on stream seemed no more ‘ass-ish’ than previous casters, or Valve hired personalities from other Esports.

reddit reaction valve statement on james 2

We can only assume that Valve’s decision to let him go was in response to his behaviour towards other casters, players or Valve staff off screen. Gabe Newell is well known for being laid back and relaxed, so if James riled him up, we can only assume there was more than what viewers saw.

2GD still promised to release a statement telling his side of the story, so keep an eye on our Dota Twitter or Facebook page for updates.

James commented on the Reddit thread, claiming that his firing seemed personal.

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