Valve reply to Washington Gambling commission after being given a deadline

Valve had been ordered to put a stop to all Skin based gambling by the Washington State Gambling commission. 


After originally missing the deadline for the reply, Valve have come out with a public reply to the WSGC ( Washington State Gambling Commission )

Read Excerpts from the reply :

Valve is not engaged in gambling or promotion of gambling, and we do not facilitate gambling.

Valve also adds that there are several websites outside of the US that offer gambling services online.

Valve has no business relationship with such gambling websites and indeed they can come into existence, operate and go out of existence without Valve’s knowledge.

They plainly deny receiving any revenue from these websites.

Valve does not receive revenue from these sites.

Valve then goes on to detail how such websites operate. They also write about what steps the organisation has taken to curb skin gambling.


Valve ends the letter by explaining how the trading system is beneficial to its users. The tradins system is an added benefit. Valve states that it is not within the WSGC’s authority to question or turn off lawful commercial activities in the state.


To see the full letter Click here.