Valve Speak Up over Csgo Betting & Dota2 Betting


According to sources Valve has issued an letter to a number of csgo betting and lottery sites instructing them that under the SSA ( Steam Subscriber Agreement) accounts are only subject to personal use. Their commercial use is unlicensed and it violation of the SSA.

Valve go on to say, these sites should immediately cease and desist further use of their Steam trading account for any commercial purposes. If they fail to do this within 10 days Valve will purse all available remedies including and without limitation terminating the accounts.  The letter was signed by Karl Quackenbush, Valve’s General Counsel.

This letter was addressed to 20+ websites including big names like CSGOLounge, CSGOLotto and many others.

We have included a copy of the letter below, we can’t guarantee it’s authenticity 110% but early reports suggest it is genuine. We will keep updated and try to include any other respected opinions.

Richard Lewis Shares his thoughts

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The Letter

Valve Letter