Vexed part ways with CS:GO Squad



Yesterday it was announced that Vexed Gaming will be parting from their CS:GO Squad. This news comes in light of heightened and probably unrealistic expectations from the organisation. The team was never able to achieve the results that the organisation had in mind. The only logical conclusion was to let go of the team.



Vexed Gaming co-owner Frederik Vig’s statement on the matter:

“We’re sad to announce that the organization of Vexed Gaming is forced to release the players off their contracts with immediate effect,

“The reason for this decision has foundation in unfulfilled organizational expectations and a different view on the pace of the growth of the organization. The players have been performing more than well and we sincerely hope that they will find a new home, where they can improve even more.”

The team in itself was not playing badly, however their results needed to be much better in lieu of their potential.


Vexed Stats


Their stats on LAN were similar to their overall performance.


Vexed LAN stats



We wish the team the best of luck as they look forth to being associated with a new organisation.