VG.Cyberzen vs LGD – SL i-League Invitational China Qualifier – Tips, Odds and Preview

Starladder I-League

VG and LGD are matched up against each other in the SL i-League Invitational China Qualifier to be held on the 7th  of April 2016 at 12:00 CET



  • Ex-Cyberzen players, the team has been competing against elite tier 1 Asian teams.
  • VG lost some close matches to some of the premier Asian teams.
  • VG’s Roster has been together for a long time. They rely a lot on their team chemistry in addition to their aim to close out matches
  • They have a significant aim advantage coming into this match. They also have experience of closing out matches against lower tier teams


  • LGD are a newly formed roster. The players are untested so far and don’t have much in the way of results to show for themselves.
  • The team is still in a building phase having played only two matches.
  • They won their last match against the unknown BOOT, while tying up a best of two series against MVP Project.

The Prediction : 65%-35% VG.Cyberzen

The Bet :Medium on VG.