VG.Cyberzen vs Wings – WCA Chinese Qualifier Tips, Odds and Preview.

WCA 2016

VG.Cyberzen and Wings are matched up against each other in the WCA Chinese Qualifier to be held on the 15th of March 2016 at 07:00 CET.


VG Cyberzen

VG Cyberzen are considered to be the number two team in China however the team is extremely inconsistent. Many of their matches, despite being wins have been too close for comfort. VG have a lot of potential and have faced off against some weaker teams recently, losing quite easily to Tyloo.


VS Recent Matches

As we can see, most of the teams they have won against are not the best of teams according to their recent results. These teams are a tier or two below Cyberzen and should never have been a threat to VG. Tyloo is the only team who won a convincing match 2-0 versus Cyberzen.



Wings Roster

Wings Roster

Wings Recent Matches

Wings Recent Matches

Wings have been consistently showing promise in their matches of late. They have had wins over Mongolz and Born of Fire, both teams in the top echelons of the Chinese CS:GO Scene and scoring wins over them is quite commendable. Considering the general popularity of CZEN, their odds for this match should be quite high. As such a bet on them at high odds would not be wise.


The Prediction : 65%-35% Wings

Low on Wings