Vici Gaming vs. Snake Esports – LPL 2016 – Week 7 – Day 4 – Preview

Vici Gaming vs. Snake Esports are matched up against each other for the Tencent LoL Pro League Series to be held Sunday March 20, 2016 in Day 4, Week 7 of the competition.

Snake Esports

This is going to be a big hurdle for Vici to overcome and a very important win to advance them further up the standings. Vici need to come into this game with a better game plan, improve their warding and ensure that the Hoon can make it to late game in a strong state. That being said, this isn’t an easy task for Vici to complete. Their underlying problems have been occurring again and again and again. Shutting down Easyhoon, killing DanDy while he’s invading and shutting down Loong has occurred frequently against their match ups especially against top their teams like Snake Esports.

Snake are just a step ahead of Vici Gaming, their talented players have matured, their ability to play the map have been perfected and their jungler knows better than to not give away free kills. Snake should be able to play their regular jam with Flandre and Krystal carrying the team, and much more supportive CC and tanky roles coming out of the other roles.

Overall, Snake should seek to make a convincing statement that they are a top tier team and a contender for a top 3 place in play offs.

Prediction: Vici Gaming 40% | Snake Esports 60%