Virtus.Pro admits to cheating in the Summit 5 Grand Finals qualifiers


Professional gaming team Virtus.Pro have admitted they have cheated their way through the Summit 5 Grand Finals qualifiers! wall paper

This is certainly shocking news for Virtus,Pro supporters and the dota 2 community in general. They are a well known esports organizations with teams in cs.go, heroes of the storm and of course Dota 2.

What did they do you ask? They used opposing team’s Vega Squadron’s carry Vladimir ‘No[o]ne’ Minenko which played for them when their own player Ilya ‘ALOHADANCE’ Korobkin lost his internet connection.

virtus,pro dc

So you ask, why is it wrong for them to sue another player, it’s not against the rules to change members is it? Well the problem is that, they used another player while they were IN GAME and they DIDNT INFORM officials of the change in members. has announced they will be withdrawing from the Summit 5 due to this incident.

Members have tweeted that they do not agree with the decision, and vowed to obtain a spot in the Summit 5 Grand Finals.