Virtus Pro defeat SK 2-0 at EPICENTER



Virtus Pro looked extremely dominant on Day 1 of EPICENTER. They started off their Best of two  matches against SK gaming. Sk gaming who have not been performing very well recently came off cold against the Poles. They played two maps, Mirage and Cobblestone.

The first map, Mirage was Virtus Proś pick. The Poles were able to exert their dominance throughout the first half. They switched sides with a comfortable 13-2 lead against SK. SK Did manage some great individual performances by Coldzera in order to bring the score back to 16-9. However it was not enough as they ended the map 16-9.

The second map, Cobblestone was SKś map pick. Despite it being their map pick, the storyline was quite similar to Map 1. Virtus Pro took the lead very early in the game sizing up a decent lead in the early stages of the map. Pasha was on fire in the second map as the half ended 11-4. The half time score was just too steep for SK to possibly make a comeback and the map ended with a scoreline of 16-12