Virtus.Pro drops their Dota 2 Team!

Following extremely poor performance from the team, has decided to drop the roster.

It is unclear is are staying or leaving the dota 2 scene, as they have yet to announce if they will be signing another team. It is clear howeve that, the Dota 2 team that have been recently dropped were due to performance issues. The team had placed 7-8th place in Frankfurt Major 2015.


The manager of the team have also been dropped as stated above. According to the official post, the organization writes that the “reshuffles” have not ended, and that fans have to wait for upcoming news. This shows that either players or managers across various games may be dropped in favor of another person in hopes of raising their performance.

Their Dota 2 roster comprised of :

Ilya ‘ALOHADANCE’ Korobkin
Sergey ‘G’ Bragin
Maxim ‘yoky-‘ Kim
Artem ‘fng’ Barshak
Alexander ‘NoFear’ Churochkin