Virtus Pro exits Season 6 of Dreamleague



Sadly today have left ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 6 due to heavy travel in the coming weeks.

They are disqualified and therefore lose the $10,000 they won during league play, this will be redistributed into the playoff prize pool. The final score that achieved during league play (10-4) will remain the same; they will not end with a 0-14 (similarly to Team NP), as they departed from season 6 after the league play was over. Alliance will be’s replacement as they are fifth in the league. We are very thankful to Alliance who managed to step in at such short notice.


The reason for their exit from Dream League has been stated as excessive travel during these weeks. This follows a series of departures from DreamLeague including that of Team NP. Logo


The $10,000 taken from will be re-allocated to the winner of the playoffs.
1st – $90,000
2nd – $45,000
3rd – $30,000
4th – $20,000


Source : DreamLeague Website