Virtus Pro vs Complexity | E League Group F | Tips Odds and Preview



Virtus Pro and Complexity are matched up against each other in the Group stage of E League Group F to be held on the 28th of June 2016 at 18:00 CEST and 19:10 CEST


Virtus Pro have been inactive in the competitive scene since 5th June 2016. During their latest matches, the Polish side looked very out of sorts of their usual self and had a huge losing streak. Ofcourse we have said it several times that they do not attach much importance to the ESL Pro League and their performance used to vary depending on the tournament they are playing in. That being said, VP are a dominant side still and have the capability to outshine the best teams currently playing. There is generally a lot of skepticism when it comes to VP and rightfully so after their recent results and rumors of a roster change.


Their opponents today are Complexity. Complexity have had little to no success in their matches. They had a 8 match losing streak. Since then they have had some success but that’s mainly on maps such as Inferno and Train. Out of these maps, Inferno is no longer in the map pool while Train is a map that VP have a lot of practice on. Complexity used to find it tough to defeat Tier two and lower Tier 1 teams in the NA scene. It is very much doubtful that they would be able to win over Virtus Pro.

The maps for todays matches are Overpass and Cobblestone. Both these maps are good maps for Virtus Pro. Overpass is a map that they have been steadily improving on. They were one of the early proponents of Cobblestone. They dont have a steady record on Cobblestone, but most of their opponents have been high level Tier one teams. Losing to them does not mean a bad map for the Polish side


I think we can all agree, Virtus Pro is the better team in this match. The question in everyones mind is if they will show up today or not. Placing my faith in them, I would suggest a Low to Medium bet on VP for both the maps


The Prediction : 80%-20% VP for Overpass ; 65%-35% VP for Cobblestone

The Bet : Medium on Virtus Pro for Cobblestone and Overpass.