Virtus Pro vs EnVyUs | E League Group F | Tips Odds and Previews


Virtus Pro and EnVyUs are matched up against each other in the Group Stage of E League Group F to be held on the 28th of June at 23:20 CEST


Virtus Pro like to play on Mirage and Cache. It is one of their comfortable maps. That does not necessarily imply that they are good on it, especially in comparison to EnVyUs. However they do play on these maps quite a lot. Mirage as a map however has definitely lost flavor with the Polish side. They have not been picking it as much recently and definitely have not been playing well on it. This coupled with their humiliating relegation to Penta at the ESL Pro League finals, definitely has put forth a bad image for the Polish side. There have been signs of revival in the recent matches that they played, but considering the longevity of the break that they have imposed on themselves, we do not really know how VP will be showing up today.


EnVyUs on the other hand seem much more active on social media. The general mood of the roster seems jubilant and expectedly competitive. They played really well at the offline qualifiers for the Major. The French roster definitely has better aim than VP. VPś strong points throughout their career have mainly been on the map pool. They have a wide map pool, and are not really the bets on all maps. However with the maps being Mirage and Cache, both these maps are really good for EnVyUs. They have always been very good on Cache, but its their recently very good Mirage performances that have helped them win crucial matches or at least helped them in the veto stage.


The Prediction : 65%-35% for EnVyUs On both the maps

The Bet : Low on EnVyUs on both the maps.