Virtus Pro vs Fazed – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview


Virtus Pro vs Fazed – Train



Virtus Pro and Faze are matched up against each other for the ESL Group Stage to be held on Wednesday, 10th of February 2016 at 21:00 CET – Week 1


Virtus Pro 

Virtus Pro have not played Train as a map since November 2015. Their last match on Train was against Flipsid3 which they won 16-6. However that being said, they have been on an extended vacation for a long time now and may be a little rusty. However with the start of the ESL season, we will be seeing them regularly. Train is a map that Virtus Pro have been very inconsistent on. Sometimes they are really good on the map while sometimes they fall short. Usually after coming off a vacation Virtus Pro haven’t shown good from. They rely on momentum and determination to make their plays. Snax however is the key element here as he is the guy who makes the plays for Virtus Pro.


Fazed were good on this map. However most of their recent plays have been humiliating losses for the team. They have not been able to win many Train matches in 2016. However a silver lining for them is that they have won their last three Train maps against Virtus Pro. Of course that was all the way back in November so we’ll have to see how they go here. The new Faze lineup however has not looked very impressive. They have lost to almost all the EU teams consistently with the only wins against Cloud9 and CLG. Their dip in form has been consistent over quite sometime now and unless a return of form is seen, it would not be wise to bet on them at the moment. They also have a new coach in Robban (who was added yesterday). They have to develop their strats and if anything, Robban should be just using the initial days to try to understand how Faze play.


I think even though VP are not as great recently and especially on Train, this map is theirs to lose. Faze has had some issues recently and that is the sole reason why they have added a coach in the form of Robban


The Prediction : 65%-35% VP

The Bet : Low on VP

Risk : high