Virtus Pro vs Gambit Tips Odds and Betting preview – E League 2016


Virtus Pro and Gambit are matched up against each other in the Semi final #2 of  E League Group F to be held on the 30th of June 2016 at 22:30 CEST

Gambit have proven themselves to be worthy adversaries in this tournament. But at the same time, we also saw them struggling against Complexity, who let’s be honest are not a good team right now. Gambit’s performance seems to be very map related, but even then they seem to lack the necessary firepower against top teams such as EnVyus and Virtus Pro. Getting good rounds in a best of one is definitely something that they can achieve but it’s a tall task to actually win a best of three, where a team can reset after losing the first map.

Virtus Pro have been very loose in their style. It has always been their style, but the difference this time around is that they are hitting their shots. The winner of this match goes on to play on live National US TV and as such the desire to win this is something that cannot be argued with. The reason I am putting this point up is due to the fact that VP’s performance has fluctuated depending on the tournament and stage they are on.


In terms of maps VP have always been a team that plays on a wide variety of maps. However their personal best maps include Overpass and Cobblestone. These are the best maps for the Polish side followed by Train, Mirage and Cache. Virtus Pro always ban Dust2 so that’s definitely not an option. Nuke is a map that has not seen much action from VP. They did win the map yesterday but that is a single match and it is difficult to infer anything from that.


Gambit’s best bet is to have Cobblestone along with Train / Dust2. Dust2 is going to be  banned so if Gambit get Cobblestone and Train there is a chance. However I feel, Gambit will not be able to win Train against VP. They might win Cobblestone, but that really depends on how bad or aggressive VP play.


The Prediction : 67%-33% VP

The Bet : Low on VP