Virtus Pro vs Gambit Tips Odds and betting Preview – E League 2016





Virtus Pro and Gambit are matched up against each other in the Group Stage match of E League Group F to be held on the 29th of June 2016 at 20:20 CEST


VP had two matches yesterday. They barely won on Mirage ( in overtime ) against EnVyUs. At the same time they did demolish Complexity on both the maps. The second map was Cobblestone where VP looked particularly good on the T side of the map. The team has been practising well together and we can see a significant amount of team play. As opposed to hbow VP used to play with individual gameplay and less team play ( back in the time when they got relegated from ESL Pro League), this VP definitely seems more rejuvenated and enthusiastic. Now the issue with VP is their map pool. They play all maps except Dust2, but they are not particularly good on any one or two maps. Their map pool is very wide, but the depth is lacking in any particular map. We still saw issues on their CT side of Cobblestone yesterday.

Gambit were actually quite better than many expected. Their performance which saw them getting 12-14 rounds on each map, was quite good. They did play on Cobblestone and Dust2. As expected they performed better on Dust 2 than on Cobblestone against EnVyUs. Gambit also play very well on Train ( as was evidenced in their matches during the Offline Main qualifiers for ESL One Cologne).


The maps for today are Nuke and Train. While VP is decently good on Train, they have played only one match on Train in June. Before that they have had a string of losses on Train to many teams. We already saw how weak their CT sides can be on Cobblestone. Being weak on CT side of Nuke inadvertently puts you at a huge disadvantage


I think these maps are decent for a low and equal bet on Gambit for both the matches. They were quite good yesterday, while the maps are new and the surprise factor might be in effect


The Prediction : 60/65%-40/35% VP

The Bet : Low on VP