Virtus Pro vs Immunity – Counter Pit LAN Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Counter Pit

Virtus Pro and Immunity are matched up against each other in the Counter Pit LAN finals to be held on the 17th of March 2016 at 10:45 CET.


Virtus Pro


Team Virtus Pro have been in a downward spiral for the past few months and have not had many wins. Indeed as of 11th March 2016, they have had 22 losses out of their last 30 matches.


VP - Last 30 matches


Virtus Pro have faced Team Immunity in the past at the Crown Invitational where they won the finals 2-0. However that matchup was in October 2015 and a lot has changed in the team’s performance since then. Virtus Pro were expected to perform very well in the Katowice 2016 LAN Finals however they bowed out early in the tournament much to the surprise of their fans.

Team Immunity

Immunity CSGO

Team Immunity have not been too active recently. They will be travelling to Croatia from Singapore.


They will be attending the Dreamhack Malmo Asian Qualifier and all that travelling could take its effect on the team’s performance.The team has never won a single map off Virtus Pro to date.


Overall the match is pretty straightforward with Virtus Pro looking to peak in time for the majors. Their opponents, Team Immunity are not the strongest contenders and VP usually manage to win against weaker opponents. However Virtus Pro do not deserve more than 70%-75% odds. If their odds go beyond reason, a low bet on Immunity would be the smarter choice.


The Prediction : 68%-32% Virtus Pro

The bet : Low on Virtus Pro (Be prepared to play the odds, Virtus Pro do not deserve more than 70%)