Virtus Pro vs Mouz ( Mirage ) – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview

ESLVirtus Pro and Mouz are matched up against each other in the Group stage of ESL on the 18th of February 2016 at 21:00 CET on the Mirage map.


Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro are the Polish team who have fallen from grace. They have lost their last 6 matches since the new year started. Their performance has been much less than what was expected of them. However they are still a tier one team and inconsistency is something that is pretty common to Virtus Pro. That being said, Virtus Pro is still a risky bet here, on Mirage they are a force to be reckoned with. However is is worth considering their match is against Mouz, who themselves lack consistency.


Mousesports had a very good LAN performance this year. However they were also prone to choking on a lot of matches that they should have easily won. Their team chemistry still requires quite some polishing as does their strats. Losing GOb B definitely has shifted their gameplay from being more strat oriented to being aim oriented. Mirage is a decent map for Mousesports. They have had several losses and several wins on this map. But that coincides with their own form as well so it is difficult to judge whether their wins were cause of their map wins or their overall form.

The Prediction : 60%-4-% Virtus Pro

The Bet : Low on VP