Virtus Pro vs NaVi – Counter Pit LAN Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Counter Pit

Virtus Pro and NaVi are matched up against each other in the Counter Pit LAN Finals to be held on the 18th of March 2016 at 10:45 CET.


Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro came into this tournament after a miserable start in the ESL Pro League. Their performance during Katowice and the tournaments prior to that was equally bad. The Polish team makes some elemental mistakes and more often than not end up losing from an advantageous position.

Virtus Pro played against Team Immunity yesterday on two maps Inferno and Dust2. The first map Inferno was quite close considering how the first half went. The half ended up at 8:7. However VP picked up their game on their own CT side winning the map at 16:11.


The second map was Dust2 widely considered as one of the worst maps for Virtus Pro and is a map that they consistently avoid playing on. However their start to this map was simply amazing at 7:0. They ended the half at 13:2 which is a sure win. However their T side looked very uncoordinated and ugly. The team was not able to execute strats and they were losing 9:1 on their T side. However a lucky mid push got them a free kill and an AWP along with it. Using that AWP and some lucky deagle shots, they made their way to win that round and ultimately the game. However the comeback by Immunity was almost realised. It might have been an entirely different story if Immunity were to start CT side first.

Today’s match is against NaVi. While VP were able to defeat Immunity, the victory was a narrow one at best. VP’s map pool is quite similar to NaVI, with the probably exception of cache and Dust2. Mirage, Overpass and Train are all good maps for both of the teams. Inferno is a decent map for both, while Cobblestone is probably slightly better for NaVI.



NaVi does not play Cache while VP does not play Dust2. I totally expect these two maps to be banned from the pool. However VP have not looked good at all. We have not seen anything to convince us that VP can play against such a top level team such as NaVi and come out victorious nonetheless. NaVi have time and again displayed champion level gameplay and mindset. It would be foolish not to bet on NaVI today.


NaVI did lose to Flipsid3 yesterday. However take the one map loss with a pinch of salt.




But they were ultimately able to score the Win


The Prediction : 68%-32% NaVi

The Bet : Medium on NaVi