hires new Dota 2 team coach

ArtStyle will be joining Virtue.Pro as the primary team coach

As the Dota 2 competitive scene is building up and thriving, gaming organizations have been taking increasing action to best help their players. Virtual.Pro is certainly one of these teams, they had previously prepared some of the best players to sign in their roster for preperation in the 2017 Kiev Major.

With one of the best competitive lineups currently, there is no telling where Virtue.Pro could go with additional support staff such as team coach “ArtStyle”. What is certain is that we will be seeing much more from the lineup / team internationally as they set their eyes at the Blizzcon 2017.

ArtStyle is a veteran competitive gamer, having been partnered with Natus Vince re for over a year, including his time with the organization in early 2011. His competitive knowledge and experience with teams will undoubtedly help the existing players in Virtus.Pro’s Dota 2 lineup.