Voyboy responds to TheRainMan calling him out for AFKing


TheRainMan calls out Voyboy for AFKing in game on stream and asks stream to make reddit thread about it!

TheRainMan feeding


Firstly, TheRainMan responds to a reddit thread which talks about him feeding in a single game where he ends up 0-12-1 as Teemo! He claims that he was “trying his best” and that the Ryze was scripting as an excuse for his poor performance. Note that he played Teemo, which is obviously already a red flag in high elo. Even if he wasn’t trolling like he claims to be, the picture shows the items he purchase, which was full MR against a team with only a single AP damage champion.

The reddit thread can be found Here

TheRainMan continues to defend himself by continuingly talking that Voyboy should be getting the heat fom Reddit instead of him which “played the game” instead of “being AFK in the middle of the lane”.

Pretty much, the rest of the video explains how the league and reddit community is toxic, why he shouldn’t get banned and roasting Voyboy on being AFK.

Voyboy’s response can be found Here

Voyboy explains that the accusations by TheRainMan “are honestly ridiculous” and that even though he died from the initial 10 second AFK he did “genuinely (feel) horrible about it and tried (his) hardest to come back” for his team. Voy says in his response statement that even though he did AFK for 5-10 seconds, he was “within EXP range of the creeps” and was under the turrent and did not expect he would get killed.

Even though Voyboy did make an honest mistake and did give up first blood, Voy writes in his response that he “felt awful about it days later” and apologized to him personally on Skype.