VP VS FaZe – ESL – csgo – Previews

VP VS FaZe- 6 AM Thursday 11/2/16 AEST- Best of 1

Lounge odds: 45-55 in favour of VP

Max’s odds: 51-49 in favour of FaZe


Analysis: FaZe is a relatively untested team only playing three games and winning only one of those against LG. VP on the other hand have been a really strong tier one team for a long time however they have recently hit a rough patch. I give the slightest edge to FaZe because they have a strong lineup and with the coaching and money provided by the FaZe brand I only see them getting better. Also with the best of one format this game will be played in and the way these teams are I think the game is almost fifty/fifty. I think that if Maikelele can go aggressively and get picks and clutch rounds with the awp FaZe have a huge advantage over VP. The star matchup to watch in this game will be the awp battle of Maikelele vs pashaBiceps.

The tip: Bet on whoever the underdog is or skip the match entirely.