VP vs Fnatic – ESL FinalsTips, Odds and Preview

VP vs Fnatic – Overpass


Fnatic and VP are matched up against each other in the Group stage ESL match on 11th February 2016 at 22:00 CET . The map is Dust2


Virtus Pro


Virtus Pro have been okay in their yesterdays match. They did not play well at all. However they did express disappointment with their performance against Faze. Of Course Faze out aimed them and outplayed them in all aspects. however VP did do decent ( not good).




Fnatic are coming back from a break. We don’t know how they will be playing today. VP already got their shock yesterday when they lost 2-0 to faze. In order to be relevant in this tournament, they are already in a situation where they need to rack up wins in order to win.


Overpass as a map is not really a map that Fnatic are well known for. VP on the other hand have been decent on this map. They were one of the first teams to have practised this map. The odds should be really good for a low bet on VP, despite them not being in the form we would want them to be


The prediction : 60%-40% Fnatic

The Bet : Low VP

Risk : High