VP vs Liquid – ESL One Cologne Day 2 Preview & Betting Predictions

VP and Liquid are matched up against each other in the Group stage of the Cologne Major to be held on the 6th of July 2016 at 16:00 CEST.

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Virtus Pro managed an awesome comeback yesterday after being down 0-7. The Polish side saw some amazing performances from Snax and even NEO who took it upon themselves to help their team to success.

LIquid on their part were able to win easily against EnVYUs. They had a similar match where they were down 0-5 and eventually won the game 16-7.

Virtus Pro come have come off a huge slump. However after their extended break, they were able to win quite a few matches in the recent weeks. LIquid for their part looked really good yesterday where they did not rely on an amazing performance by Simple to succeed. Their win was a team effort and it was quite satisfying.

Now we come down to the vetoes. Liquid is the higher seed coming off as the semi finalist from the last Major. As such they have three vetoes as opposed to two vetoes of Virtus Pro.

I expect VP to ban Cache and Dust2 again. Dust2 has always been their perma ban, while Cache is a strong map for Liquid.

Liquid might ban Train, Mirage and maybe Overpass?. They have shown a tendency to let Nuke remain in the map pool and as such it would not surprise me if they gamble on it again. Who knows, maybe they have had decent amount of practise on the map, as is evidenced from Simpleś reaction to Nuke being included in the Map Pool

Predicted Veto :

  • Liquid ban Train
  • VP ban Dust2
  • Liquid ban Mirage
  • VP ban Cache
  • Liquid ban Overpass

Map is randomly selected off Cobblestone and Nuke.

Now if the map is Nuke, I think I will have to give the advantage to Liquid. Liquid , from Simpleś interview on HLTV seem somewhat happy about Nuke and that would only be fro them practising on the map. They also did not veto it yesterday which shows their confidence on the map. Remember they had the extra veto yesterday ( Liquid were the higher seed) and yet chose not to veto Nuke.

If the map is Cobblestone, I would like to say VP is more favored on this map. Now before you start naysaying me keep in mind that VP are actually a very good Cobblestone team. They had a hiatus but after coming back from the hiatus at E League they actually played Cobblestone twice against decently good Cobblestone team. They won 16-11 and 16-6 against Complexity and Gambit respectively. Liquid have their own problems on cobblestone. While their T sides are very strong, their CT sides are equally weak. They have improved by a bit, but they are still very weak on the CT side. This coupled with VP usually being a very strong T side makes this interesting.

Since we are hedging our bets on Liquid on Nuke , which is still an unknown quantity so far, I would say a low bet on VP makes sense. Virtus Pro on Cobblestone should show up on the T side against Liquid.

The Bet : 65%-35% VP

The  Bet : Low on VP