VP vs NaVi – ESL Finals Tips, Odds and Preview



VP and NaVi  are matched up against each other for the Group Stage ESL tournament to be held on the 18th of February 2016 at 19:00 CET on the map of Dust2.


Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro have had a really bad start to the tournament. They have had all losses whilst not winning a single match. Their team form seems to be way lower than their previous peak level at the moment. Looking at them, one would not assume they are a tier one team at all. Virtus Pro have proven to perform well on the Cache, Cobblestone, Mirage and Overpass maps. However if there is anything that is certain about them it is the fact that Dust2 is their worst map. They do not like playing Dust2 at all and have one of the worst win ratios on it. As such they are at a big weakness coming into this map. Coupled with the fact that they have not been playing well, this should be a match that NaVi has a very big advantage.




NaVi are one of the best Dust2 teams in the world. Player Guardian is lethal on the map. He has full control of mid and his AWP is amazing during retakes. They have a very high win ratio and they are feared by the best teams in the world. NaVi have been playing pretty good recently too. They have had several wins under their belt and their matches have been decisive.


The Prediction : 75-25% NaVI

The bet : Medium NaVi