Warden removed from ESEA Rank S

The Counter Strike Legend who has been trying to make a comeback (of sorts) into CSGO has been removed from Rank S.


Warden  has been underperforming by a large margin in Rank S, thereby ruining the pugs for many of the top level players. Even average viewers who are used to watching top level CS pugs have been deeply disappointed with his performance. He has not bee anywhere close to the top level players in Rank S.


There have been numerous calls for Warden to be removed by pro players in the NA scene.




A  brief glimpse into Wardenś rash and non-exciting gameplay ;


Subsequent ESEA Released a statement effectively banning Warden from Rank S till November 1, 2016.


After reviewing recent matches in Rank S, we have come to the decision to remove Warden from Rank S and he has been issued a 1-week ban for Rank S Conduct Violation. Warden will be eligible for possible reinstatement to Rank S on November 1st, 2016.

All members in Rank S should set out to be examples to those in the community who are watching them play matches day in and day out. They should conduct themselves as leaders of the community, both on the forums and in the server. We will continue to review these incidents on a case-by-case basis, but any members of Rank S who are intentionally ruining the games for others, or taking actions that hurt the integrity of games will be subject to removal from Rank S.