WARNING – Riot bans players for not following meta

A Nunu support with teleport smite (53% winrate), banned for 14 days

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The same Riot support personal / staff who threatened to ban the teleport smite singed support from late last year has returned to terrorize yet another League of Legends players. “Take the Draw” is a Nunu one trick that plays both support and jungle Nunu. He was a former challanger player, but is currently in high diamond. He has stated since he played league of legends, he had used the teleport smite support strategy and informed his team in champion select about his unique strategy.  However, the Riot employee that suspended his account told him he was banned for negative behavior, “stealing other people’s roles” and “failing to communicate”:

This is outrageous,  as not only is this player I’m high diamond, but his pick has a reasonable winrate or 53% and has been tested for an extended amount of time. The ban clearly shows Riot wishes to keep the meta stable and wishes to kick out any player with intentions of having fun or changing the meta. A comment by a fellow player support references that players can be banned if teamate disagree with your pick and report you