Washington D.C. sponsors NRG Esports

This is one of the first public sponsor ship announcements from a city

Convention and sports authority of Washington, D.C., Events DC is now an official sponsor of major gaming organization NRG Esports.  Max Brown, chairman of the board of directors for the Event division stated that the partnership was a strategic decision aimed to increase the growth of esports in Washington D.C.

Max Brown says :
“Through collaborations with organizations like NRG, we are actively working to position ourselves for the future and in the next five to eight years, DC will be positioned to be the capital of esports,”

It has been released that Washington’s plan to become an esports central will include building an extraordinary 65 million dollar arena, focused on providing many major tournament hostings. This is overall intended to drastically boost tourism, as many cities know that esports is a major industry which brings millions of dollars to the city in a large event.

A partner ship between Washington and NRG will see their team bootcamping and practicing much more in the city. This will in hope build a larger more loyal fanbase within the city which will connect to NRG.