WCA 2015 Grand Finals – Alliance VS LGD

wca 2015

WCA 2015 Grand Finals is about to happen in a bloody fashion with the sudden introduction of the 6.86 patch. 16 professional teams have flown to china to win and grab the glory of being called as the WCA 2015 champions and the opportunity to win a portion $650,000.00 prize pool. And now from 16 pro team we are down to our final 2 teams to commence the last battle, of the year 2015.

Who will take the glory?

Alliance from the WEST? Or LGD from the EAST? We will surely know soon enough as together we will be watching if Alliance will be back? With their TI3 rooster power or will LGD claim the championship in front of the home crowd. But before that we will take a short recap of some feisty and fiery battle towards the road to Grand Finals.


Topping GROUP B we have LGD, one of the most notorious and if not one of the strongest Chinese DOTA 2 team. Even though the team have gone into slump after “The International 2015” they are still working on 4 protect 1 strategy with the help of their active captain ROTK. And here comes the other half of our grand finalist ranking as 2nd in group D. The “RAT” Team Alliance, for a long time now Alliance have been known to be a team constantly going up and down the curve of Dota 2 rankings with their constantly evolving play and rooster improvement. LGD savagely defeated team LIQUID for 40mins. The newly introduced hero in captains’ mode “Earth Spirit” can’t seem to help team liquid vs the other Spirit which is “Ember Spirit” played by mid-laner Lu “Maybe” Yao. And it seems like “Ember Spirit” is still searching for blood even after the defeated team called GG in a 40:9 score game.


Alliance battled through semi-finals vs WINGS gaming in a 2:0 match in favor of the Swedes. The first game lasted only 21mins. The second game went for the long 61min stretch and Alliance won the game through sheer patience, lane control and group strategy. With this victory Alliance is the first team to be on the Grand Final stage meanwhile WINGS will be battling for the 3rd place position versus LIQUID.
After beating Empire in a 2:1 battle LGD will be facing the infamous team LIQUID. In a somehow one-sided manner LGD wiped and outplayed team LIQUID in both games, gaining 2:0 against the rival team. In the first game LGDs Carry player “Sylar” played a perfect style of “Juggernaut” gaming giving them the advantage and the obvious win. For the second game there are only a few words to describe it and one of them would be savage.

Huge Matchup

Today we will surely see an exciting game with “Alliance” renewed, synergized and compact with their “The International 3” rooster and with LGD the home giants as the battle will take place in the Chinese soil. Will these be the LGD “Tuskar” game as they picked “Tuskar” the most to make their team plays or Will these be the return of the “RAT”.

We will know the answers to those questions as we watch the grand finals together. Will the champ be from the EAST? Or would it be from the WEST? Nobody knows, but there is surely one thing we know. It will be bloody and dominating game as we watch a best of 5 between these 2 amazing teams. What an early Christmas Gift for every Dota 2 fans.


70% LGD – 30% Alliance