WCA Americaś details announced

WCA 2016

The WCA 2016 America qualifier will start soon with an online qualifier that will see several team from the North and South Americas come together to battle it out for a spot in the final groups. The groups will have a GSL format style of elimination while the playoffs are single elimination matches.

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At the LAN, which will take place on November 12th in São Paulo, Brazil, the four teams will compete for a ~$26,000 prize pool and two spots in the main competition – WCA 2016 World Finals.

Prize pool distribution for the LAN qualifier is as follows:

1. ~$15,000 (¥100,000) + World Finals LAN spot
2. ~$7,500 (¥50,000) + World Finals LAN spot
3. ~$3,000 (¥20,000)
4. ~$1,500 (¥10,000)

WCA 2016 World Finals will take place in Yinchuan, China this December, and will feature a ~$208,000 prize pool. So far only four out of ten LAN spots have been taken, with TyLoo, VG.CyberZen,Winterfox and MVP.karnal securing their spots.