WCA WCC set to start

WCA World Contest Championship – Battle of the Nations is set to start tomorrow, with three teams from each Russia, China and the United Kingdom competing in the $119,000 tournament.


The tournament goes out of the way to come up with an innovative format. The format will see three established teams battling it out against three countries. This tournament will be held from October 13-19th.

he following nine teams will compete in the tournament:

China Russia United Kingdom
TyLoo Quantum Bellator fm-eSports
New4 Quantum Bellator Fire Endpoint


There will be two parts to this tournament


Part 1

The first part of the tournament will feature a round robin way which will see teams playing against all other teams except from those of their own country. The strongest teams from each nation will then play a few additional matches, which will decide the two best nations.


Part 2 


These two nations will then take part in a king of the hill type tournament which will see

The format entails teams from each country playing BO1’s versus teams from the other country. When a team from one country is defeated, the next team from the same country steps up to play next.

When all teams from a country have one loss, that country can pick their strongest team to play the last-chance match. If that team is defeated as well, their nation loses the grand final.

The prize pool for the tournament will be split to the nations and the teams prize pool in the following manner:

Nations prize pool: ¥300,000 (~$45,000)
Teams prize pool: ¥450,000  (~$67,000)

Nations prize pool: ¥300,000 (~$45,000)
Teams prize pool: ¥450,000  (~$67,000)