Webedia receives license to build an esports Umbrella using ParisSaint Germain name


The football club, Paris Saint germain is very interested in Esports.  They have now partnered with Webedia to create teams dedicated to eSports. This is keeping in line with their aim to become the startup of eSports in France.


Webedia has completed a series of acquisitions to control a large part of the ecosystem to gain a signifcant control of eSports in France.

French online media company Webedia and its subsidiary company Bang Bang Management have purchased Team Huma’s League of Legends European Challenger Series spot from previous owner Behdad Jaafarian for approximately $70,000 and will brand the team as Paris Saint-Germain eSports next season, industry sources tell ESPN.

“You will soon see the teams ‘Paris Saint-Germain eSports’, wearing the same jersey that the players of the football team,” explains Cédric Sire, CEO of Webedia.His group will handle the form of the capital club teams with international champions and train with big names from the middle to hoist them quickly at the highest world level. “The big clubs of the traditional sport will want to take control of e-sports,” he continues. “We are ahead of this transformation by proposing to operate under license.” Several European football clubs in Spain and Germany,bought the last months of e-sports teams. The challenge is to capture a young audience and build brand awareness around the world, especially in Asia, where e-sports is very well established.