Weekly Climbing Discussion 11/2/16

Weekly discussion signEvery week from now there will be a weekly overview of classes to be best used to climb this meta. This will be an open discussion, if you have any questions or disagreements with anything, feel free to comment below! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!Rexxar


Since Naxx and GvG are soon to be reduced to almost nothingness with its removal from the standard play mode, this month is the best time to climb with these “over powered” cards as much as possible, while you still can!

This week, we will be featuring the Mid-Range Hunter deck which contains cards from both the GvG expansion and the Naxx adventures. Mid-Range Hunter is awesome since it has the ability to both be a potentially aggressive deck, while also having the option to be played as a control deck with it’s high value minions.

Mid range hunter usually contains “Freezing Trap” or “Snake Trap”, where both traps are extremely potent when played correctly. “Snake Trap” allows you to have much more board control and pressure when triggered, which is usually helpful when an enemy decides to attack one of your minions, since that warns you they are also fighting for control. Freezing trap on the other hand is a insanely highly valued trap when played correctly, since many players do miss time the turn you should play the “Freezing trap”.

Freezing trap should be used around turn 2 or 3 against aggressive decks to slow their aggressive minions such as “Knife Juggler”, “Tunnel Trogg” or even a “Shielded Minibot”. Those are examples of top minions you want to slow down, and make sure the enemy doesn’t play it in the near future, since let’s face it, they have other options too.

Snake Trap should be played early, since the 3, 1-1 minions are very helpful in the early game to bring board control. This trap is also pretty useless late game, since total of 3-3 stats in the late game will almost do nothing since 3 damage is more or less insignificant, even further, most classes have access to AoE later in the game.

Playing as a Mid-Range Hunter, you want to clear some minions that will bring value towards you. Take note that when playing the deck, your aim is NOT to control the whole board since you will want to finish the game around the turn 8 or 9 mark since you are after all, are a hunter. Don’t be mistaken when you play this deck, you must take advantage of your hero power’s pressure, and bring the life total of the enemy quickly, you are NOT meant to last into the late game.

This deck contains tons of sticky minions deathrattle minions like “Piloted Shredder” and “Savannah Highmane” which is great, but are nothing compared to other legendary minions which other late game control decks have. If the game drags out too long against one of these match ups, you will surely lose and run out of steam, since their minions can out value yours.

There are many misconceptions about the difficultly it takes to play Hunter. People think it’s just easy since you don’t have too many cards in hand at all times. But if you want to master the art of playing hunter, especially Mid-range Hunter, the art is all in the timing you play your cards, and also when you decide to use spells as removal or as damage to the face.