Weekly Climbing Discussion 12/1/16

Weekly discussion signGarrosh Every week there will be a weekly overview of classes to be best used to climb this meta. This will be an open discussion, if you have any questions or disagreements with something, feel free to comment below! Your feed back is Greatly Appriciated!~

For this week, we’ll be diving into the previously very popular deck that was nerfed, “Patron warrior”. Patron warrior, the still extremely powerful deck that is still viable even though one of its main cards got nerfed into oblivion. Patron is an extremely hard deck to play since it requires a lot of counting to be involved to calculate your maximum damage output on a turn, as well as how many patrons you spawn, and make sure you don’t over spawn any to prevent any wastage.

So why “Patron warrior” warrior this week, its because it beats the weeds in ranked mode, the common and despised “Secret Pally”. “Patron warrior” not only beat paladin because of the patron which will spawn like crazy upon contact on the paladin’s low attack cards, but also because “Patron warrior” has multiple AoE effects which also synchronizes with “Grim patron”. “Patron warrior” is also able to beat decks with Reno such as “RenoDruid” or “RenoLock” since “Patron warrior” will not easily run out of steam since they include weapons in their deck to clear minions, while still being able to spawn more patrons and use “Frothing Berserker” as a potential huge source of damage that cannot be ignored even if “Reno Jackson” is played. “Grim Patron” extremely hard to remove from the board and can only be removed with a few cards that have 3 or more attack, especially when in greater numbers, the “Patron warrior” can most likely spawn in many more with a weak AoE such as “Whirlwind”, “Revenge” or the Deathrattle from “Death’s Bite”.

“Patron warrior” doesn’t have many counters currently since mages are very rare this season, and even if there were mages, not many run “flame strike” since most people don’t play “Patron warrior” anymore and fame strike is also quite a slow card. “Patron warrior” does fairly well against control decks too such as “Control warrior” or “Ramp druid” since it includes execute to clear larger minions, as well as the “Grim Patron” itself which control decks struggle to deal with when in excess.

Take note that when playing “Patron warrior”, control the board as much as possible, especially with your “Fiery war axe” and “Death’s Bite”, since the aim of this deck is to spawn and protect your patrons until you can kill your opponent in 1 or 2 turns. Don’t worry too much about your health total because you have “Shield Block” and “Armor Smith” which will easily increase your armor and put your in a safe range. Make sure you attack in the correct order, remember to attack with “Frothing Berserker” and “Armor smith” last to ensure you extract maximum value from both cards. Always set up a clear enemy board before you play patron, and avoid playing it when there are enemy minion on the board, unless you can activate a second one behind a taunt such as “Sludge Belcher” or “Unstable Ghoul”.

My posts lately have been focused on countering “Secret Pally” since it’s the deck I most commonly see in Ranked Play Mode throughout, from lower ranks to higher ranks. If you want me to post a counter deck to something you’re having trouble with, comment below ^.^

Have fun climbing!