Weekly Climbing Discussion 16/2/16

Weekly discussion signEvery week from now there will be a weekly overview of classes to be best used to climb this meta. This will be an open discussion, if you have any questions or disagreements with anything, feel free to comment below! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!rogue


Today we will be featuring a deck I’ve seen a heap of lately. Many streamers have been playing it in Ranked and achieved a relatively high win rate with the deck.

This week, the featured deck is the “Malygos Miracle Rogue” deck, an extremely hard deck to play at a high rank, since you will need to mulligan differently for every class, while having to decide what spells to use, and when. The deck heavily relies on cycling you cards, while also having to carefully decide which spells are for removal, and which spells should be kept for face. If you use too many spells for removal, you will definitely run out of damage in your deck, since you will fatigue much faster than other classes as cycling your cards reduces the amount of damage your deck can contain.

As a “Malygos Miracle Rogue”, you will try to reach the late game and kill your opponent across 1 or 2 turns, depending on how many cards are discounted previously from “Emperor Thaurissan” which is required to discount at least a minimum of 3-4 cards like “Deadly Poison”, “Eviscerate” or “Malygos” if you want a high chance of being able to kill the opponent in one turn.

A “Malygos Miracle Rogue’s” key cards includes “Sinister Strike”, “Shiv”, “Tomb Pillager”, “Gadgetzan Auctioneer” and of course the prized card and highly tiered soft taunt minion, “Malygos”.

To play this deck you must cycle for your spells, try to discount them as much as possible while also being able to survive to the late game, and then try combo your spells with “Malygos”, this is in general a perfect type game which you will try to aim for. Of course this will rarely happen since players will try to apply as much pressure on the board as possible to force you to use you spells to clear the board. Because of this, a person who has mastered the deck must always keep count of their maximum amount of damage possible so you don’t end up running out of damage.