Weekly Climbing Discussion 7/1/16

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ShamanEvery week from now, there will be a weekly overview of classes to be best used to climb this meta. This will be an open discussion, if you have any questions or disagreements with something, feel free to comment below! Your feed back is Greatly Appriciated!~

This week’s featured deck is yet another aggressive deck, the despised “Mech Overload” shaman. I consider this deck a medium difficulty deck which the player is required to play close attention to their overload, and their chances to draw / topdeck a specific spell and to ensure they have enough mana to play it the next turn even after being overloaded.

“Mech Shaman” is a very, VERY effective deck against aggressive decks such as “Facehunter” and “Secret Pally”, since “Mech Shaman” can easily out damage both decks due to the vast amount of direct damage that this deck possesses. “Mech Shaman” as you’ve probably notice, is a VERY aggressive deck, where you are required to go face, and only clear minions to protect your highly buffed “Tunnel Trogg”, “Unbound Elemental” or your “Whirling Zap-o-matic” which is a high source of damage due to it’s windfury attack, enabling it to attack twice a turn.

Always keep in mind how much you have been “overloaded” to ensure you don’t completely waste your next turn, make sure to use spells to clear taunt minions and keep your minions alive. If the enemy has no taunt minions, avoid from using spells until late game where you are then able to kill your opponent from your hand filled with spells such as “Crackle”, “Lava Burst” and “Lightning bolt”.

In mulligan, try keep Mech related cards, or aggressive minions such as “Cogmaster”, “Annoy-o”tron”, “Leper Gnome”, “Mech warper” and “Totem golem”. If you have 2 or more of the aggressive cards, keep “Feral spirit” to help protect them, if possible and you are player 2, keep “Unbound elemental” as you will most likely draw spells in the next few turns to help clear enemy minions and preserve your high damage, mech filled board. Avoid keeping spells, unless you are player 2, with “Lightning bolt” and have “Unbound elemental”  and at least one of the aggressive cheaper mana cost cards.

I definitely recommend you play  “Mech Overload” shaman since it is a very fast paced deck with HUGE burst potential that can kill your opponent through taunts such as “Sludge belcher” or “Tirion Fordring” which both are in most “Secret Pally” decks which are flooding the whole ranked play mode. “Mech Overload” shaman can easily kill “Secret Pallys” since they will most likely die before turn 6, or even if they reach turn 6 and play “Mysterious challenger”, you can kill them with “Doomhammer” + “rock biter” or just spam out all your high damage spells. This deck is definitely top tier since many control deck will too get overwhelmed by your massive burst potential even after clearing our your minions. “Doomhammer” also applies constant pressure, and can also be used to control the enemy board and protect your own minions.

Comment below what decks you’re climbing with, I’ll try them out and might even feature them in the “Weekly Discussion”.

Cheers! Happy climbing ya’ll, killed those Secret Pallys ^.^