Weekly Climbing Discussion 19/1/16

Weekly discussion sign Every week there will be a weekly overview of classes to be best used to climb this meta. This will be an open discussion, if you have any questions or disagreements with something, feel free to comment below! Your feed back is Greatly Appreciated!~Paladin

This week, we will be featuring “Murloc pally”, how to play it, and also how to beat it. Murloc knight takes quite a bit of gold if you want to craft it from scratch, since it requires you to obtain the “Anyfin can Happen” card, which requires the third stage in the League of Explorers Solo adventure. I’d say that currently, “Murloc pally” is currently the hardest deck to play, since you have to keep track of all your murloc’s that have died, calculate damage when “Anyfin can Happen” is played while keeping enough removal for the late game to ensure you can hit turn 10.

“Murloc pally” is featured this week due to its high win rate, mainly due to the lack of decks that are able to beat it since “Murloc pally” does well against most match ups, even “Secret Pally”. When playing the deck, you must also remember when to use your minions to hit, or go face, to set up the best possible way for lethal, but not carry out unnecessary damage since “Anyfin can Happen” can provide up to 30 or more damage.

The mulligan for  “Murloc pally”  has to be mainly focused on removal and card draw, since the point of this deck is to last until the late game, and make sure you draw the “Anyfin can Happen”. Also, always make note when a Murloc dies, and don’t play “Anyfin can Happen” immediately when you hit turn 10, since it can be a waste of mana if not enough Murlocs have been played and been destroyed, this mistake may lead you to losing the game.

There are a load of “Murloc pally’s” in higher ranked play, closer to the rank 3 and legend ranks, since players there are able to play the deck ether perfectly, or at a reasonably high standard, making the optimal plays according to their total damage out put and game knowledge. If you are trying to climb using another deck and do find yourself against  “Murloc pally’s”, make sure to end the game before turn 10, keep track of all murlocs that have been destroyed, and also make sure even if you are trying to kill him before turn 10, DO NOT over extend, since  “Murloc pally’s” have tons of removal.

If you are trying to climb and you find you’re facing a ton of  “Murloc pally’s”, run “loatheb” to prevent them from playing spells. Make sure to play it wisely, try use it only to protect your board from “equality” + “consecration” and also the end “Anyfin can Happen”. Note that when “Anyfin can Happen”, if played for the second time, he more than likely will have lethal, don’t use heals since the damage will exceed 30 health, instead use a hard taunt like “Sludge Belcher”.

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