Weekly Climbing Discussion 25/1/16

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Every week from now there will be a weekly overview of classes to be best used to climb this meta. This will be an open discussion, if you have any questions or disagreements with something, feel free to comment below! Your feed back is Greatly Appriciated!~ Jaina

I don’t know why, but for the past week, I’ve been seeing tons of freeze mages on ladder in the higher ranks, so I thought, why not feature it this week.

Freeze mage is a top tier deck and definitely one of the most hardest decks to learn and also perfect. Playing the deck will require players to make MANY hard decisions according to the enemy’s tempo and amount of cards they have drawn. Playing this deck is MUCH harder than usual aggressive or mid range decks, since those commonly only have 1 or 2 ways a turn can go that feasible, compared to Freeze mage where there are multiple card combos you can pull off in one turn.

The most important skill in Freeze mage is to stay conservative and to know when you use removal, since it is limited, and one you use them, you will run out of steam since the deck doesn’t contain many minion. A master freeze mage must also know when to keep, and when to use target damage spells on the enemy board, since using too many will cause you to run out of damage, but not using them will result in a loss.

The decks most important turn, is not really a turn, it’s the mulligan at the start of your game. A top tier freeze mage will mulligan for either his cycle cards, or mad scientist. He/She would also keep the secrets if against specific classes such as common OTK ones such as Murloc Palladin and Mech Shaman. In the mulligan, cycle cards like “Acolyte of pain”,“Arcane Intellect” or “Loot Hoarder”, keeping spells such as Frost Nova is of course, excellent against aggressive decks since it can be used to slow them down, and bring you one turn closer to another card without taking damage.

Freeze mage can beat most decks if played correctly, only current weakness is Renolock, since Freeze mage will not be able to kill the Renolock across 2 turns since they have various heals from “Antique healbot” and “Earthern ring farseer” being combo’d with “Brann Bronzebeard”, or of course, from the key “Reno Jackson”.

The two most common ways to finish as a freeze mage are to use “Fireballs” from the “Archmage Antonidas” or using “Alextrasa” the previous turn and follow it up with double “Fireball” and a “Frost bolt”.

If you find you are facing tons of these like I am in higher ranks, just chuck a “Loatheb” in any deck, since its a high tier card that is effective against every class, since all of them have spells drafted into them. Be sure to play “Loatheb” on a turn to prevent them from clearing your board, or prevent them from using spells when they have summoned “Archmage Antonidas”, since slamming “Loatheb” on your current turn, or the next turn could mean the difference on who wins, or who loses.