Weekly Climbing Discussion 28/12/15

Weekly discussion signWarlockEvery week from now there will be a weekly overview of classes to be best used to climb this meta. This will be an open discussion, if you have any questions or disagreements with something, feel free to comment below! Your feed back is Greatly Appriciated!~

For this week, I recommend that players who want to push for high ranks such as rank 5 above to unlock the “sea giant chest” to use Renolock. I currently recommend Renolock as the ideal deck of choice to climb this end season’s ladder as I have found a flood of Secret Paladin users in high rank game play while the deck does well against Mech Mage too in lower ranked games. Renolock is an awesome counter to both Secret Paladin and Mech Mage. With my experience, I recommend this as this deck as it contains has sufficient board clear, has a wide choice of low cost cards, it includes discover cards and most importantly it grants a full heal when “Reno Jackson  is played every time since Renolock only has one of each card.

Playing as Renolock, it is advised that if playing against agro deck, you mulligan aggressively for the “Reno Jacksonas you will need that card to survive against the aggressive decks, fishing for “hell fire” and “shadowflame” is also advisable. The style of game play on Renolock is not very similar to other Warlock decks such as Handlock, Zoolock or Demonlock, in Renolock you are required to play more conservative as your opponent knows you only have 1 of each card. For example, if you “hell fire” and do not get close to maximum value against a secret pally, they may decide to empty their hand and flood the board since they know you do not run a second hell fire.

Remember to try stabilize your board before running the “Reno Jackson” , even if you get the massive full heal, they enemy will just deal damage to you face again, especially if you casually play it at turn 6 against a full board of enemy minions. You’d want to play “Reno Jackson”  once you get reasonable board control and posses enough tempo to dictate the trades. Also make sure you get value when your play “Reno Jackson”  as it is your main stabilizing card, note that you should also play it to avoid death if the opponent is able to OTK you the next turn with 2-3 card cobos. eg. if you against a Freeze mage that uses “Alexstrasza”, even thought might seem safe on 15 health, make sure you immediately play “Reno Jackson”  as Freeze mage huge OTK potential with all their high damaging spells.

To do well with it, make sure you remember how much damage certain classes can put out on a specific turn with that exact mana cost to know when you should or should not use “Reno Jackson“.

Happy Climbing Ya’ll !