Weekly Climbing Discussion 3/2/16

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Every week from now there will be a weekly overview of classes to be best used to climb this meta. This will be an open discussion, if you have any questions or disagreements with something, feel free to comment below! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!image

With the rank season just being reset, I advise that decks you use this week should be control decks that have higher win rates. Even though these decks have a longer game time in general compared to most decks, you will be placed against higher ranked people than you, since all of their ranks gets displaced. So the higher you go, especially at the starting of the reset, around the rank 10-12 mark will be all the legend level or above.

For this starting season, we’ll be featuring the Dragon Priest deck. Dragon priest is a strong control deck, with tons of value in most of the cards, high stats and good effects, matched with reasonable mana cost. Since priest has its hero power, to sustain and heal themselves, they are a safe option for a control deck, while the dragon interactions are optimal in priest since they usually have mana cards on hand and good cycle cards. Having mana cards on hand, means the priest will have a highly likely chance that they will have a dragon on hand, which will activate the extra buffs for other dragon related cards, which gives the priest maximum value out of the card most of the time.

Since there are mana aggressive decks early when the rank resets, dragon priest is excellent since not only does your priest hero power help, but also because it includes a fair amount of board clear and strong dragon taunt creatures. Aggressive decks flood the start since high rank players usually aim to reach legend as early as possible to get the highest legend rank they can, since the first one who reaches legend, is obviously rank 1 legend.

Dragon priest is a safe option if you want to climb slowly, but surely. This deck fares well against secret paladin too, which are still flooding the rank ladder, since it is definitely one of the strongest decks around. Dragon priest does well since it can out value it with cards such as the “shadow word pain” on early “shielded mini bots” while also using “light nova” later in the game where the secret paladin floods the board. Once you are able to exhaust the secret paladin, you can easily win when they have run out of steam, while dragon priest has huge late game cards such as “Ysera” or maybe even “Nefarian”.