WESG EU Finals Preview


The World Electronic Sports Games is a prestigious event that will be held at the Stereo Plaza in Kiev. The event will run from 6th October till 9th October. There will be a total of twenty teams participating in the event and will be trying for a spot at the Global finals. The event will see a Prize Pool of 50,000 Chinese Yuan ( $7500 ).


The teams are divided into four groups. We take a quick preview at the Groups and the possible outcomes for the tournament.

Group A



Group A has to be the weakest of all groups in the tournament. Godsent is the well known team here, but their recent form should provide a cause of worry for the Swedish fans. They have not been able to win any matches recently. The Swedish by-gones are barely struggling to stay afloat and stay relevant in the current scenario. However they are one of the strongest teams in this group.


The strongest opponent to them is Team Kinguin. Comprising of Polish second rung players, this roster has the potential to defeat Godsent ( especially considering how bad they are playing right now). However that being said, it’s imperative to note that Kinguin are very inconsistent. There have been several times in the past where they have shown huge dips in form after performing well against a strong opponent.


The winner of the group goes directly into playoffs. That is a huge incentive for any team to perform better. This tournament kicks off the last season of Counter strike this year so it’s important to strike form right now. On Paper, Godsent are the strongest team. However their internal conflict and their results show a completely different picture. The team is in shambles right now and their future is definitely uncertain.


Kinguin are a strong contender to reach the pole position in this group. They should not face any problems against Team1, Pixel and LDLC.


The third position is up for grabs. Every team amongst the bottom three has the capability to reach the third position and get a chance in the knockout stage. It really comes down to which team performs on stage.



Group B




Team EnVyuS, Astralis and Alternate Attax are present amongst the five teams in Group B. This group definitely has the most recognizable of teams amongst all the teams. Astralis have been in a huge slump recently and their top four ranking is definitely not present right now. Despite being one of the strongest CT sided teams in the world, their CT side seems to be the weaker point in their current gameplay. They do have the one-off game where Dupreeh or any individual member of Astralis outperforms the team. They barely manage to win these matches.

For the most part, the current Astralis roster is a pale shadow of the dominance we are used to seeing from them. They lack cohesion in their CT play and a distinct lack of leadership at the forefront.


EnVyUs used to be one of the best teams in the world. However their lack of form has continued since the beginning of 2016. As we enter in the final months of the year, there does not seem to be any solution to their problems. Their local rivals Gamers2 have definitely taken the top spot for the best French team in the world. The EnVyUs roster has been plagued by egos and individual gameplays over team-play. They do realise their situation and have tried to fix this problem. However that being said the French roster is quite strong. Their unpredictable style of play is a boon for them. Many of the other teams play a very passive style of gameplay out of respect.


In this group, EnVyUs should be one of the better teams to overcome their opponents. Although on paper, Astralis are the better team; their current form does not show confidence. EnVyUs on the other hand are slowly improving in their gameplay. Their results, although mediocre are much better than six months ago.

EnVYUs should be the team to top their group, while Astralis and Alternate Attax are the best teams for second and third position in the Group.



Group C



Virtus Pro are the undeniable kings of this group. There is literally no one else within the group who can pose a challenge to Virtus Pro. Virtus Proś recent form in their online matches is quite good and they are definitely a top four team in the world right now.

The Polish side has been very strong in their recent matches led by some amazing performances by Snax, Taz and NEO.

The second and third places within the group are quite dicey. We have BPro which has Spyleader as one of the members. He is a decent player but really has no chance against Virtus Pro. However he should be able to hammer the much weaker opponents. The last spot in the group is really a tossup. There is negligible information available about the National teams and we do not know who might be a strong contender.


The only team that we can surely say will win the group is Virtus Pro. The remaining two spots are up for grabs.



Group D


Group D has become almost synonymous with the Group of Death. This Group has teams such as Dignitas, Epsilon, iGame.com. Dignitas and Epsilon are going to be the top contenders in the Group.

The Danish roster has consistently made it’s presence felt amongst the bottom tier one teams. They have been able to defeat the Tier one teams with consistency. The Danish roster has some really talented players in their team. They prefer to play on Cobblestone, Mirage, Overpass etc  These maps are very strong maps for them; However the main USP for Dignitas is their individuals who can pull up insane levels of gameplay. These performances by the Danish roster is the reason why the team has been able to edge out certain teams in the past.


Epsilon on the other hand have been an enigma. The Epsilon roster is stacked with player of very good players. They are the future talent of Swedish CSGO. They should be able to win against most of the other teams in this group with the sole exception of Dignitas.


In this group, it seems that Dignitas, Epsilon and iGame.com should be the top three. Their performances have been reflective of this. This group will be the most exciting as it’s the most prone to upsets.
WESG EU finals will start on October 6th at 1530 CEST. Follow the event live on HLTV.org