WESG player Council unveiled

The World Esports Association (WESA) has formally unveiled its Player Council, consisting of one representative from each member of the federation.


The organisation will advocate on behalf of the players. They will help in providing decent insight into the players unions and demands.Vuggo, who recently transitioned from coaching to managing at fnatic, has been unanimously elected by the players to act as chairman of the council, which he will represent on the WESA Executive Board.




Vuggo :

“I was honored to be elected by my team to represent their interests within WESA, as well as my competitive peers to serve as the Chairman of the Players Council,” he is quoted by WESA as saying.

“I am looking forward to working with Commissioner Hershman and the fellow Executive Board members to ensure all players in WESA get the representation they deserve.”

Below you can find the representatives of each organisation on the Player Council: