What are the chances SKT will take worlds?

Will SKT claim their 4th World Championship?

Skt skins

SKT will be advancing to their fourth LoL Worlds finals having defeated Royal Never Give Up in an extremely close 3-2 best of 5 match. While many might strongly believe that SKT will easily take out the finals match, this may not be the case. SKT has shown to be wavering throughout many games, only scraping the win against their competitors in nail biting late game team fights.

While SKT do still have a strong chance, this’ll be their hardest finals yet. Not only will their competitor be extremely strong, SK Telecom T1 has struggled to maintain their usual dominating composure. SKT has been behind in a large proportion of their games so far at worlds, against another finals teams, this only reduces their chances to grab the win.

The finals match will lean either towards a full 5 game series, where both teams struggle for the win, or SKT somehow returns to their top form and dominates 3-0.

Odds of SKT win: 55-60%