Which is better? Agro or Control

Agro vs ControlToday we dive into the two gameplay styles which decide which type of decks you play, which type of deck is best and when. Every Hearthstone player will most likely play a variety of decks, but most of them would be either considered as an aggressive deck, or a control type deck.


Aggressive decks should aim to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy’s hero, and aim to finish the game before the 8 mana mark, other wise the will lose “steam” (Possible damage output), by only being able to “topdeck” cards for an unreliable source of lethal, since only 1 card a turn can be drawn as most aggressive decks have low card draw. Aggressive decks are very reliant on the starting mulligan, as having a bad mulligan would result in a extremely slow “start” in the early turns which will enable to opponent to stabilize their board presence, leading to the loss of damage and “steam”. Aggressive decks are commonly used in the ranked play mode as players want to “climb” (raise ranks) faster, compared  to the use of control decks where the game would other wise be much, much longer. However, the downside to aggressive decks are that they are quite reliant on rng, meaning that there is a dependence of chance for every game and games versing the same deck will be inconsistent.
As long you start with a good opening hand through your mulligan, and have a decent curve and not “float” (leave out) mana, you have a good chance at winning, it’s recommended agro decks are played if you desire to “climb” faster.


Control decks on the other hand focuses on preserving the owner’s board by trading efficiently, thus gaining value as the control deck player will be dictating most of the trades on the board. Control decks aim to exhaust the enemy opponent’s cards, with their high value cards, and their amount of tempo represented on the board. In a control deck vs control deck, for example in a control warrior mirror match, the common game play style would be to draw as many cards as possible, and gain as much armor as possible to increase their life. In the control warrior mirror match, whoever draws the most amount of cards will most likely win as the player with the most cards has the higher ability to draw the necessary cards to deal with his/her opponent. Many control decks also include “cycle cards” (Cards that have a certain effect and also draw a card), this means the control deck player will aim to draw the “cycle cards” to quickly try draw their proper, more mana efficient and higher value cards, such as “Sylvanas”, “Ragnaros” or “Dr.Boom” where they can gain more board control. Cycle cards are important since control decks require those high mana cost cards to be played on the required turn, so drawing a cycle card allows the owner have a higher chance of being able to draw them on the necessary turn. Control decks are reliable, and consistent which makes it a good choice for rank play too, however climbing with it will be a slow and steady process since most control deck games will lead towards many turns having to be played to draw their cards. Most control decks also have a lot of healing, so a match between 2 control decks might result in fatigue around the turn 20 mark, making it a very slow and tedious games.


Agro decks have big stabilization issues once their board is cleared, as stabilizing require the use of many cards to over power your opponent, or require a high cost card with good stats. Since aggressive decks require the player to push for high damage early, the player will most likely be low on cards for the rest of the game and will only have around 2-4 card in their hand at all time. Agro decks also do not include the use of high cost cards such as “Dr.Boom” or many board clears, so the chances of stabilization through this method, is also very low.

Control decks on the other hand is the opposite, they specialize in stabilization and is the main factor which enable them to be able to overwhelm agro decks since they usually have a very big “hand” (amount of card you hold) and decks which contain high cost minions and loaded with multiple removal spells. These two factors enable the control decks to stabilize and cause the opponent to run out of steam, especially against agro decks, in a match between two control decks, this is also the case but at a much slower rate.


In sum, if you are confidant to your ability to play near perfectly ever game, opt for aggressive decks since you can climb faster, if you want a slow and steady deck to climb, use control decks. No matter the type of player you are, just go for it and see how high you can reach!

Rough game times

Agro : 1-8 min  ,1 min as opponent might instantly concede if you have a good starting and they have a bad one.

Control : 6-20 min , control games can last AGES, so prepare some time if you are playing control deck in ranked play.